First named Eros – 24 January 1949 – principal Mr. J.J. Botha (Boet)

7 Teachers (including pincipal) and 224 pupils (there was no Secretary)

Name changed to that of the Administrator of the then, SWA – DR.VAN RHIJN, in 1952.

Mr. Botha remained principal and retired on 30 June 1976.

After him seven principals followed for short periods.

Mr. H.A. Karsten then became principal in 1981 – September 1993.

The International School was accommodated in our buildings until December 1993.

Mr. R. Nieuwoudt, became principal from January 1994 – May 2000.

Mr. J.C. Titus became the principal from January 2001 – 31 May 2011

Mrs. B.D. Mouton is the current principal as from 1 September 2011.

We are now 45 teachers, 1366 learners, 2 secretaries and 6 cleaners.

Our motto, SERVIMUS – means: “We serve”.